Nutmeg Forward is a homeschooling learning group, based in New Haven, which draws participating families from across southern Connecticut.

Our student members range in age from 7-14 (with younger siblings occasionally along for the ride!)

Our primary mission is to build up our children’s strengths through experience and study of the society in which we live, while engaging in work which strengthens that very society.

Several questions drive us:
• How can we learn more about each other, and ourselves?
• How can we forge connections and cooperation?
• How can we challenge our own assumptions, and break down barriers among us?
• How can we work for the good of all, in large and small ways?

Nutmeg Forward invites homeschoolers aged 7-14 to join our Spring projects! Join us for the morning, and get your hands dirty in the vegetable patch, or join us in the afternoons for mind-challenging logic games and puzzles. Or bring your own lunch and come for the whole day!

If you’d like to get in touch, you can send us an email.